Chinese Medicine Essentials Blends Kit

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The Chinese Medicine Essentials Blends kit includes one 10 ml bottle each of the 10 blends or formulas in an attractive blue gift box. We selected these for their common use in clinical practice. Together they treat the most common patterns seen in a typical modern practice.

Five tonifying and five dispersing blends make up this kit:

Tonifying Blends

  • Lift Spirit
  • Nourish Blood and Yin
  • Strengthen Spleen, Resolve Damp
  • Tonify Qi, Raise Yang
  • Tonify Yang, Warm Interior

Dispersing Blends

  • Activate Blood and Qi
  • Calm Spirit
  • Clear Heat, Sink Yang
  • Invigorate Blood, Resolve Damp
  • Regulate Qi, Relax Constraint

Use in Clinical Practice
There are various ways these special treatment blends can be used in practice. First, they work well when diffused in the background during treatment with an ultrasonic nebulizer. They are designed to be effective both on the physiological or Qi level, and the mental-emotional, spirit or Shen level. They work equally well on short-term conditions as well as on chronic patterns.

The CM Essentials blends can also be used directly on acupoints with the same action as the formula. Use only one drop with a cotton swab or clean finger and hold lightly on the point for at least a minute and/or until a change is felt. No pressure is required. No dilution is necessary either: the blends already contain a small amount of jojoba oil to prevent any possible irritation from the oils in those with sensitive skin. In addition, only oils non-irritant to the skin make up these blends.

For instance, the blend Strengthen Spleen, Resolve Damp may be applied to such points as SP-6, SP-3, ST-36, SP-9 and CV-6.

The blend Nourish Blood and Yin may be appropriate for points such as SP-6, H-5/7, K-3/6 and CV-4.

The dispersing blend Regulate Qi, Relax Constraint may work well on such points as LI-4, LIV-3, GB-34, ST-40, P-6 and Yintang.

These blends can also benefit clients and patients who wish to use them at home or at work, if they enjoy the blend's actual fragrance. This will extend the benefits of weekly treatment in the clinic. Inhalation of the blend will usually create a renewed experience of the positive benefits of the treatment and will therefore reinforce those benefits until the next session.

For external use only. Properly dilute all essential oils in lotion or vegetable carrier oil before massage or other topical use. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, have any health conditions, or are taking medications, please consult your healthcare provider before using essential oils.