The Traditional Chinese Medicine Formula Study Guide

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Qiao Yi L.Ac.

Softcover, 8 1/2 x 11 inches, 360 pages
ISBN 1-890029-40-8

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The T.C.M. Formula Study Guide is a quick-reference manual and in-depth study guide for the most important 130 classic herbal prescriptions used in Oriental medicine. It consists of three parts.

In the first part, each formula is broken down by individual herb functions, allowing an in-depth analysis of the formula's interrelated functions. The accompanying syndrome differentiation charts and formula comparison charts help clarify treatment aims, as well as differences between similar formulas. Each chapter ends with a review and discussion of the major formulas in that section.

The symptom differentiation charts allow easy clinical reference to assist with accurate formula selection. They are based on differentiation according to the zang fu and six-stage syndromes, which are broadly organized by exterior/interior and excess/deficiency types.

The comprehensive exam allows the student to self-test their knowledge of the formulas themselves and their clinical applications through formula and case study questions.

Author Qiao Yi L.Ac. is a doctor of Chinese medicine specializing in herbal formula instruction. She graduated at the Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1987. She has since gained wide experience in both professional practice and educational aspects of Chinese medicine, focusing on classroom instruction, clinical supervision and curriculum development in Oriental medical colleges in Southern California. She is a former Clinical Director at Emperor's College of Oriental Medicine in Santa Monica, California.

"I used the Formula Study Guide to take the herbal boards and was very grateful for the small investment, as I passed the exam first time with ease! This is also a fun book to use with a friend to study together."
— Michelle Whittaker LAc