Snow Lotus Essential Oil Blends are carefully formulated by Peter Holmes LAc, MH. Some are designed more for pure esthetic enjoyment and creative inspiration, while others are more focused on treatment applications. All our blends, however, will potentially provide a healing experience through their combined aromatic beauty and physiological effectiveness. They can be used as much for maintaining a healthy, balanced body and soul, as for preventing the development of actual disorders.

Chinese Medicine Essentials blends: Ten key formulas for today's clinical practice for treating the most common patterns of Qi and Shen disharmony seen today.

Esthetic and life-enhancing blends: These blends are more than just body perfumes! Each of these provides a unique sensory experience, artfully combining essential oils and precious absolutes to enhance your life and lifestyle!

Five-Element blends: Based on Five-Element treatments, these blends are especially effective for addressing mental and emotional aspects of treatment.

Therapeutic blends: These are carefully formulated to offer relief and healing for specific conditions.

Woman's Precious blends: These are specifically formulated to address common issues experienced by women, offering support throughout treatment and beyond.