Wholesale and Professional Accounts

How do I set up a Professional or Wholesale account?

Snow Lotus offers several types of accounts for those who qualify. Please review our policies below to determine which one will work best for you. Please contact us if you have any questions, as we are unable to issue credits or refunds retroactively.

Professional practitioner account: 15% discount off retail prices for health-care professionals. There are no minimums required for opening orders and reorders for this account. To open a Professional account, please email so that we can set up your Professional account with Username and Login.

Wholesale account: 40% off retail prices if not purchasing a display; 50% discount off retail with purchase of a display. A Wholesale account is designed for retail sales.

All new Wholesale accounts require a resale license or tax ID number, an opening order minimum of $300 and a reorder minimum of $150.

For new Wholesale accounts, please send the following information to info@snowlotus.org

  •  Which type of account you would like to set up (40% or 50%)
  •  Business name and billing and shipping address
  •  Best contact name
  •  A copy of EIN or Tax ID number
  •  Telephone number and email address
  •  Credit card number, expiration date and billing zip code – please call us with the card information or email it in two or three separate emails.
  •  Your complete order ($250 minimum)
  •  If choosing a 50% Wholesale account, please specify how many displays you would like to hold your oils, blends and testers. We offer 1 free tester per year, based on purchase date, to replace an older tester for each oil or blend purchased for the display. Precious oils and absolutes are not available for testers.

Again, we require all this information in an email. We will then confirm that we are processing your account and first order.

Can I place my Wholesale or Professional orders on the website?

Yes, you can. However, all opening orders must be placed by email and paid for by credit card. Subsequent orders can be placed online once you have created your account and had it confirmed by the Snow Lotus office.

If ordering Wholesale, please make sure all re-orders meet the $150 minimum (not including the shipping charge) when ordering online!

Sorry, but no refunds or credits can be given for Wholesale orders placed online before your Wholesale account is approved and set up.

What display options does Snow Lotus offer for Wholesale 50% accounts?

Choose one, two or three of the following handcrafted display tiers. These beautiful, pure pinewood displays are custom made for us based on our bottle size and design requirements.

Our Snow Lotus display consists of 1 - 3 tiers (racks) that nicely stack on top of each other. Each tier holds 3 each of 12 different oils or blends of your choice.

Total dimensions of a 3-tier display are 14.5" wide x 9.5" deep x 19" tall (including the header board).

Tier options and pricing are as follows:

One tier holds 12 different oils and testers to make up the top tier: $90

Two tiers hold 2 x 12 oils and testers to make up the top and middle tiers: $165

Three tiers or more hold 3 x 12 oils and testers to make up the top, middle and bottom tiers: $245

Tier pricing includes 4 ml testers at the front to match the oils or blends purchased for the display. We offer 1 free tester per year for each oil or blend purchased for the display.

Are displays for other products available?

Yes: we offer beautiful matching displays for Hydrosols, Facial serums and Roll-ons. Please be aware that these do not qualify as a tier to open a Wholesale account; however they do make an excellent accompaniment to the main display.

The Hydrosol display holds 5 x 2 oz Hydrosol misters across and 6 deep. There is also one slot for our 4 oz Deluxe Rose Hydrosol that holds 4 deep.

The Roll-On display holds 6 x 6 ml roll-ons across and four deep.

Our Facial Serum display is an excellent way to showcase our fabulous Revitalizing Facial Serums.

I have a Professional or Wholesale account; do I get a discount on seminars?

Snow Lotus Seminars is separate from Snow Lotus Aromatherapy and its products. Snow Lotus Seminars offers an early-bird and often a buddy-rate registration discount on the seminars and workshops offered.

Contact us with any questions: info@snowlotus.org – 800-682-8827

We look forward to serving you!