How Essential Oils Are Used

There are many ways to use essential oils, depending on your needs and the desired effect. We encourage you to explore the many ways in which these oils can benefit your health and enhance your emotional and spiritual well being. Below are some important guidelines to using oils safely and effectively.

It is important for you to first feel comfortable with using essential oils and to become familiar with some of the ones suggested below. After that, it can be an exciting process of discovering new oils, new oil combinations and favorite methods of use. The oils can be amazing allies not only for treating particular issues of body and soul, but also for promoting good health and for enhancing mental, emotional and spiritual well being. As you discover your favorite oils, they will become your guides in your aromatic journey!

By Inhalation

Inhalation, especially when moderate, has mainly a psychological effect through the limbic system and neuroendocrine functions. Deep inhalation also has a beneficial effect on upper and lower respiratory functions; the type of effect depends on the type of oil used. This can be very useful for respiratory congestion, breathing difficulties and other conditions, for instance.

Moderate inhalation helps balance moods, feelings and mental functions, as well as energy levels in general. It can contribute to hormonal balance, especially in women, by modulating the functions of the many brain centers. Once the action of an oil has cleared the limbic system, it tends to selectively modulate other areas, such as the temporal lobes (which tend to dysregulation), the basal ganglia (which tend to either hyper- or hypo-functioning), the cingulate system and the prefrontal cortex. Different oils will affect different brain centers and tend to balance different peptides (i.e. neurotransmitters and hormones) such as serotonin, dopamine, GABA, and so on, which ultimately affects core metabolic glands such as the adrenals, gonads, thyroid and their hormones.

Inhalation Methods

Dry Inhalation

• Put two drops of the oil or oil blend onto a tissue or handkerchief and inhale deeply.

• Put one or two drops of the oil or oil blend onto the palm of your hand, gently rub both palms together, cup over the nose and inhale. This has a stronger effect than inhaling from an open tissue.

• Drop 1-3 drops of oil or blend onto a cotton ball, put it in a ziplock bag and inhale the scent whenever needed; e.g. to refresh and uplift when driving, traveling, exploring, and so on.
Commonly used refreshing oils include Bergamot, Grapefruit, Grand fir, Silver fir, Eucalyptus (all types), Laurel, Lemongrass and Green myrtle, as well as blends such as Focus, Citrus Bliss, Harmony, Rose Heaven, Jasmine Pearl, Spirit Mountain and Inner Balance.

Steam Inhalation
Drop 1-2 drops of an oil or blend onto a wet washcloth in the shower or bath, cup over your nose and inhale. A great morning pick-me-up or evening relaxation.
• Stimulating oils include Eucalyptus, Cajeput, Rosemary, Sage, Niaouli, Grapefruit, Grand or Silver fir, Lemongrass, May chang and Kaffir lime.

• Stimulating blends include Adrenal Support, Detoxify, Energize, Eucalyptus Breeze, Focus, Head Ease, Immune Stim, Microbe-X, Respiratory, Sinus Clear and Spirit Mountain.

• Relaxing oils include Lavender, Sweet orange, Geranium, Rose, Rosewood, Blue tansy, Siam wood, Jasmine sambac and Ylang ylang.

• Relaxing blends include Child Chiller, Cramp Ease, Euphoria, Jasmine Pearl, Moondrops, Relaxation, Stress Release, Sweet Dreams, Worry Free and Ylang Lagoon.

For sinus, ear and chest conditions in particular, drop 2-3 drops of an oil or blend into a basin or bowl of hot water, place a thick towel over your head to form a tent and inhale the aromatic steam.

Oils typically used here include Eucalyptus, Saro, Niaouli, Ravintsara, Lavender, Siberian or Silver fir, Green myrtle, Hyssop and Thyme ct. linalool. Our Snow Lotus blends Respiratory, Sinus Clear, Microbe-X and Vir-Away are also excellent for these conditions by steam inhalation.


Drop 3-8 drops of the oil or blend into the water for any diffuser with a heat source or with the ultrasonic diffuser. Most oils and blends are suitable for diffusing.

Topical Applications

These have a physiological effect on the skin and muscles, and a psychological effect as the evaporating oils are inhaled. The skin and lymph selectively absorb essential oil components, which primarily exert a beneficial influence on those local functions and tissues. In addition, certain oil constituents are also absorbed into the bloodstream, but the amount and actual content seems to vary greatly. This would depend on the absorb-ability of the oil and carrier medium used, as well as the type, thickness and condition of the skin and muscle tissue it is applied to.

Topical spot application of an oil in addition can exert an energetic effect if applied over an active acupoint, reflex zone or other particular body zone. This energetic action varies on the point and the oil selected and forms the basis for the use of essential oils on an acupuncture-based model, for instance. The mechanism of action again involves the body's basic communication system, peptide activity, which is also greatly (although not exclusively) involved in acupuncture stimulation with needles.

Topical Methods

Perfume or Anointing

Put 1 drop of the essential oil or blend in a dab of lotion or vegetable oil and apply to the skin. Many precious oils and absolutes are perfect for perfume and anointing use, as well as many of our Snow Lotus Esthetic blends, such as Aphrodisiac, Jasmine Pearl, Moondrops, Rose Heaven, Ylang Lagoon, Vibrant Man and Woman's Transformation.


First dilute 4-8 drops in some milk or a vegetable oil and then swish into a warm bath. This is important to avoid skin irritation or sensitization, especially when using citrus oils such as Lemon, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Bergamot and Kaffir lime.

Foot Bath

Put 4-8 drops directly into a tub of medium-hot water and soak the feet for 10 minutes. Restoring, revitalizing oils such as Rosemary, Siberian fir, Scotch pine, Black or Hemlock spruce, and Juniper berry are often used in foot baths to relieve cold, fatigue and exhaustion, as well as specifically to treat cold, sweaty or tired feet. A drop or two of Lavender or another relaxing oil can do wonders in a foot bath as well!

Wet Compress

Drop 4-6 drops of oil or blend into a bowl of hot water. Briefly immerse a washcloth into the medicated water and apply to the affected body part.

• To treat local pain, discomfort or stiffness topically, consider oils such as Rosemary, Peppermint, Ginger, Spike lavender, Nutmeg, Black pepper, Clove bud and Frankincense.

• To reduce a fever, apply the wet compress to the calves and/or the nape of the neck. Cooling oils such as Lemon, Lavender and Lemongrass should be used.


Blend a total of 5-10 drops of oil per 10 ml of carrier oil (this is a 2.5-5% dilution). A lotion can also be used as a base. Our Snow Lotus blends are excellent for use in topical or whole-body massage.

• Therapeutic massage single oils and blends: Any of the single oils or blends mentioned under Steam inhalation above may be used for therapeutic whole-body massage. All of these in dilution in a carrier oil or lotion.

• Sensual massage single oils: Dong quai (in dilution), Jasmine abs. 10%, Jasmine sambac abs. 10%, Neroli 10%, Musk seed (in dilution), Patchouli abs. (in dilution), Damask rose abs. 10%, Sandalwood (in dilution) and Tuberose abs. (in dilution)

• Sensual massage blends: Aphrodisiac, Cinnamon Winds, Euphoria, Godiva's Gems, Jasmine Pearl, Relaxation, Rose Heaven, Sensuality, Vibrant Man and Ylang Lagoon. All of these in dilution in a carrier oil or lotion.

Facial Towel

Drop 3-6 drops of oil or blend in a bowl of hot water and stir; soak a washcloth in the water briefly, gently wring out to remove excess water and apply to the face for a minute or two. This will relax the facial muscles and open the pores. Facial towels are very useful before cleansing or at the beginning of facial work in general. They may be used after moisturizing the skin with a hydrosol, for instance.

• Popular relaxing and balancing oils with facial towels include Lavender, Sweet orange, Bergamot, Mandarin, Grapefruit, Neroli 10%, Blue tansy 10%, Rose abs. 10%, Jasmine abs. 10% and Jasmine sambac abs. 10%.

• For a more therapeutic effect on the skin, consider oils and blends such as Detoxify, Juniper berry, Grapefruit, Kaffir lime, Lemon eucalyptus and Spike lavender.

Therapeutic Liniment

Use 10-20 drops of oil or blend per 10 ml of vegetable carrier oil (a 5-10% dilution) and massage into the problem area (e.g. the feet, shoulders, nape, forehead, abdomen, low-back, and so on). Coconut, apricot kernel and sweet almond oil are the best carrier oils for liniments and massage as the skin readily absorbs them.

Several of our Snow Lotus topical products are excellent for topical use, especially Muscle Liniment, Muscle Relax Liniment, Traum Ease, Lavender-MSM Therapeutic Lotion, Head Ease Liniment and Ear Liniment