Head Ease Liniment 10 ml – Therapeutic Topical Formula

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Snow Lotus Head Ease Liniment is a pungent, potent blend of analgesic essential oils formulated for relief of acute headache. This formula can also be applied topically for pain and itching in other areas, such as itching from skin rashes, painful joints, and so on.

In the case of itching from eczema, Head Ease Liniment can also be combined with our Aller Ease Lotion; apply this Liniment first (using the strict directions below) and after 5 minutes gently apply a layer of the Aller Ease Lotion.

Directions: Put a few drops on two fingers and apply gently onto the scalp or other area affected.

If using this Liniment on the skin, apply gently onto the painful or itching area – do not rub it in, just apply it gently. It usually takes 4-5 minutes for the analgesic effect to work. While waiting, be sure NOT to touch the painful area – just let the Liniment blend do its work. The beneficial effect can last several hours; and applying it again later is usually no problem.

Ingredients: Jojoba oil; organic essential oils of Lavender, Peppermint and Roman camomile

For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, have any health conditions, or are taking medications, please consult your healthcare provider before using essential oils.




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    Life saving!

    Posted by Roxy Rich on Jan 6th 2022

    My neck is a mess. The liniment is part of what I call my Head Ease Halo. I use the roll on on my forehead and along the occipital nerves on the back of my head. I use the liniment on the back of my neck. I LOVE both forms of Head Ease. Essential oil that’s SUPER ESSENTIAL!!!