White Sage Hydrosol (White Sage Water) – Organic

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60 ml / 2 oz

Botanical source: Salvia apiana
Plant part used: The herb
Origin: USA
Production: Sustainably wild harvested and organic
Extraction method: Steam distillation

Fragrance profile: White sage has fresh, pungent notes softened with mild sweet, green notes

Fragrance properties: Uplifting, stimulating, invigorating

Skin care: An excellent toning conditioner for devitalized, combination or oily skin.

Use: Mist freely around the face and neckline for a refreshing mist. For skincare, give a cotton ball about five sprays and apply to face and neckline. Use after cleansing and follow with a natural, high-quality moisturizer such one of our organic facial serums.

White sage can also help reduce microbial load in the environment and helps clear negativity in general.