Snow Lotus Topicals are highly effective preparations for topical use for treating specific conditions. Carefully formulated by Peter Holmes, they use organic essential oils as key ingredients. Each topical product combines maximum efficacy with a beautiful fragrance and ease of use.

"A woman I was giving a chair massage to had neck and shoulders as stiff as a board. I massaged the Muscle Relax Liniment into them and left it to soak in for five minutes. When I went back to them, they were supple and soft – it was unbelieveable! The Muscle Relax had taken the top layer of muscle tension away, allowing me to give a deeper, more effective massage." — Sarah Sas LAc

"I was suffering badly from plantar fasciitis with heel and arch pain in the feet – I could hardly get out of bed in the morning. I had tried everything, including shoe corrections, Chinese liniments, etc., with no results. I didn't believe the Muscle Liniment would touch this, but after the second night I awoke with no pain and have been using it successfully ever since!" — Suzanne Defranco LAc, LMT