Aroma Air Nebulizer

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We are pleased to once again offer a potent essential oil nebulizer that operates by compressed air driven by an air pump. This potent nebulizer strongly breaks up and ionizes the essential oil molecules into the environment. Our Aroma Air Nebulizer has a natural glazed bamboo base and an elegant clear-glass bottle; it can fit in with and will enhance most environments.

This nebulizer has several benefits:

* It operates noiselessly, unlike previous models that always had a motor hum

* It remains stationary, unlike previous models that tended to run away

* It has a rheostat that allows output control of fragrance

* It may be used for therapeutic purposes by inhalation at a distance of two or three feet

Caution: All true nebulizers can only operate with 100% pure essential oil or blend of oils; it will clog up and cause malfunction if a vegetable oil, e.g. jojoba oil, is introduced.

Medium size for up to 600 sq. ft.
7.5 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches

Important: Before operating the Aroma Nebulizer, please read carefully through the directions for use and maintenance. These are supplied with each model and will ensure problem-free operation and prevent eventual breakdown.