Woody Essential Oils

Essential oils with a woody fragrance are in fact mostly extracted from various trees. Like the uprightness and longevity of many trees, woody oils are an emblem of stability, endurance, maturity and timelessness. They can awaken our innate body wisdom – the physical embodiment of our ancestral lineage with its perennial stability and constancy.

Woody oils have a centering, stabilizing and strengthening effect. They help gather our energy towards our physical center, the hara in the lower abdomen, thereby helping relieve conditions of spaciness, scattered or repetitive thinking, and feelings of disconnection or life falling apart.

Woody oils suggest we trust in our instinctive gut feelings rather than spin our mental wheels. The net result of this centering effect is being fully present in our body, a whole, integrated embodied being.

Woody oils are clearly relevant for daytime use in the face of stressful times. However, they also have a special evening and night-time use. At the end of the day’s activities, or in fact at the end of any particular activity, the scent of woody oils can help us complete and find closure to that activity by gently yet firmly enveloping us with their timeless strength and serenity.

Sweet-Woodycentering and stability from precious trees
Singles: Atlas cedarwood, Siam wood, Copaiba, Patchouli, Myrrh, Sandalwood
Blends: Meditation, Relaxation, Aphrodisiac, Vibrant Man, Pelvic Decongest, Invigorate Blood, Sedate Water

Pungent-Woodyvitality and perseverance from conifer forests
Singles: Siberian fir, Scotch pine, Cypress, Black spruce, Hemlock spruce, Juniper berry, Angelica root
Blends: Tonify Water