Rooty Essential Oils

The few essential oils that have a rooty fragrance are in fact mostly derived from plant roots. The rooty fragrance is tellingly also known as a forest fragrance, with its mingled aromas of damp earth, mossy humus and rotting leaves. Rooty oils embody grounding and inner strength.

Rooty oils generally have a strong grounding, strengthening and cooling effect. They are able to move excess energy in the head down to the feet and so are very useful for states of disconnection and ungroundedness, and for settling scattered or obsessive thinking.

These oils can be really helpful for people who generally run hot, tend to excite easily, are prone to excessive worry and anxiety, or that have a tendency to bursting headaches. Like the woody oils, rooty oils can also help us connect and be grounded in our body instincts.

Rooty grounding and strength from precious roots
Singles: Vetiver, Spikenard, Cistus, Nutsedge
Blends: Eucalyptus Breeze