Pungent Essential Oils

These oils are derived mostly from tropical trees and spices, and include Cajeput,
Eucalyptus and Ginger. They embody movement, activity, vitality, and the release of energy
and stamina. Their effects are generally stimulating, awakening, vitalizing and uplifting.
Pungent oils help promote drive, motivation and self-affirmation. They can also help lift the
mood and revive spirits by increasing self-confidence and self-esteem.
In addition to providing short-term boosts of energy, pungent oils help move energy to the

head, i.e. the brain, where they can help with mental focus, attention span and often short-
term memory. They are especially useful for people that run cold, or that have a pale, wan

complexion and complain of tiredness or lack of stamina.
Pungent oils are best for daytime use, especially for getting going in the morning; they can
easily be incorporated in morning rituals — including the shower and the bath! They are

best avoided at night time, when relaxing sweet, green or woody oils are definitely more
appropriate – unless one is cramming for an exam or getting ready for a night shift.
Physiologically when deeply inhaled, pungent oils can help clear up nasal, sinus and
bronchial congestion. The majority have shown excellent antiseptic properties when made
into topical preparations as well when inhaled. Please refer to the How to Use Essential Oils
page for specific ideas on various preparations.

The key to using pungent oils is to not overdo them! Overuse of these valuable oils in a
diffuser or nebulizer, for example, can eventually cause olfactory fatigue, which defeats the
whole purpose. One can easily become tired of them. They are very effective when used in
limited, on-off exposure. In addition, oil blends consisting mainly of pungent oils, such as
Sinus Clear and Microbe X, are better tolerated than the single oils because of their balance
of different fragrances.

In addition to the two types of pungent oil types listed here, there is also the sweet-pungent,
green-pungent and woody-pungent categories given below.

Pungent- Fresh
Singles: Rosemary, Ravintsara, Cajeput, Blue-gum eucalyptus, Narrow-leaf eucalyptus,
Niaouli, Siberian fir, Tea tree, Wintergreen

Blends: Energize, Sinus Clear, Respiratory, Immune Stim, Vir Away, Microbe X,
Eucalyptus Breeze, Tonify Qi, Tonify Metal

Pungent- Spicy
Singles: Pimenta berry, Nutmeg, Ginger, Clove, Black pepper, Frankincense, Turmeric

Blends: Woman’s Transformation, Tonify Fire