Lemony Essential Oils

Essential oils with a lemony fragrance, sometimes known as citrus-type oils, include many oils from the citrus family, but not exclusively. Their scent evokes images of bright sunlight, the freshness of a morning and the excitement that new beginnings can inspire. Lemony oils are produced mainly in countries with warm Mediterranean climates such as Italy, Israel and South Africa. The citrus rinds of fruits such as Lemon, Bergamot and mandarin are cold-pressed for oil production. Others are steam distilled in the more usual manner.

These oils are generally uplifting, expansive and clarifying. Like pungent oils, lemony oils also tend to move energy to the head. By enhancing mental focus, attention span and perspective, they are a sure aid for distraction, brain fog, worry and rumination. They can be really helpful in creating a more positive outlook on life, free of doubt, apathy and feelings of guilt. They can be especially useful for times of confusion, worry and emotional turmoil. The way that lemony oils open up the world of conscious feelings and emotions is unique. They can stimulate conscious insight, hone our intentions and help sustain our visions.

An advantage that lemony oils have over pungent oils is that they don’t incur olfactory fatigue like the pungent oils – they are easier to use for longer periods of time in a nebulizer, for example. Of course there is nothing wrong with combining lemony with pungent oils to mutually enhance their effects. Experimenting with different oil combinations is a major part of the fun of aromatherapy and can yield astonishing fragrant rewards!

All types of lemony oils below are perfect for daytime use rather than night time. They are particularly helpful at the start of a stressful day: lemony-sweet oils like Mandarin and Bergamot are really amazing to help one sail through the day – use them in the morning before the day officially begins! And don’t forget to go to the How Essential Oils Are Used page for many nifty preparation ideas.

Singles: Lemon, Grapefruit, Lemon eucalyptus, Grand fir
Blends: Focus, Microbe-X

Singles: Bergamot, Red mandarin, Green mandarin, Sweet orange, Ylang ylang no. 1
Blends: Citrus Bliss, Stress Release

Singles: Lemongrass, Coriander leaf, Kaffir lime petitgrain, May chang, Lime, Melissa
Blends: Ylang Lagoon, Sedate Fire, Sedate Earth