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Past Seminars

Snow Lotus Seminars with Peter Holmes LAc, MH offered since 1994

Aroma Acupoint Therapy Level I
Aroma Acupoint Therapy seminars were taught jointly with Tiffany Pollard MS, LAc until July '15. After that, AAT Level 1
seminars were often co-taught with one of the following teachers-in-training:
Christine Nichols LAc

Kathy Pentecost LAc
Maura Dawgert LAc
Toni Groelly MA

Valerie Olney LMT, BCST
Victoria Risovanni LAc

Frankfurt, Germany: May '18
Santa Monica, CA: October '17

New York, NY: September '17
Columbia, MD: September '17
Petaluma, CA: August '17
New York, NY: April '17
San Diego, CA: March '17
Maui, HI: December '16
Baltimore, MD: November '16
Portland, OR: November '16
Encinitas, CA: August '16
New York: July '16
Petaluma, CA: July '16
Santa Monica, CA: May '16
Santa Fe, NM: May '16
Honolulu, HI: March '16
Petaluma, CA: February '16
Santa Monica, CA: November '15
New York, NY: September '15
Germantown, WI: August '15
Santa Barbara, CA: July '15
Portland, OR: May '15
San Diego, CA: December '14
San Diego, CA: October '14
New York, NY: June '14
New York, NY: November '13 
Santa Monica, CA: October '13 
Berkeley, CA: June '13 
Montclair, NJ: April '13 
Chicago, IL: April '13 
Santa Barbara, CA: March '13 
Portland, OR: February '13 
Chicago, IL: September '12 
Kirkland, WA: September '12 
Kirkland, WA: March '12 
Portland, OR, February '12 
Honolulu, HI, November '11 
Kirkland, WA: September '11

Aroma Acupoint Therapy Level II 
Columbia, MD: April '18
Santa Monica, CA: February '18

New York, NY: November '17
New York, NY: March '16
Santa Barbara, CA February '16
Portland, OR: April '15
San Diego, CA: January '15
New York, NY: November '14
Portland, OR: December '13 

Using Essential Oils in Chinese/Energetic Medicine 
Note: Because of lack of records, not all seminars on Using Essential Oils in Chinese Medicine between 1994 and 2005 are listed
Berkeley, CA: December '17
New York: July '17
Columbia, MD: May '17
Portland, OR: April '17
San Diego, CA: April '15
Baltimore, MD: November '13
Berkeley, CA: December '12

Ithaca, NY: August '12
Chicago, IL: April '12
New York, NY: April '11
Portland, OR: December '10
Santa Fe, NM: April '10
Cambridge, MA: March '10
New York, NY: October '08
West Los Angeles, CA: September '08
Vancouver, B.C.: May '08
Sarasota, FL: March '08
Watertown, MA: December '07
Portland, OR: December '07
Berkeley, CA: November '07
New York, NY: October '07
Seattle, WA: September '07
Los Angeles, CA: July '07
Silver Spring, MD: May '07
Honolulu, HI: April '07
Berkeley, CA: December '06
New York, NY: November '06
Portland, OR: November '06
Orlando, FL: March '06
Cambridge, MA: October '05
Albuquerque, NM: September '05 
Santa Barbara, CA: March '04 
Santa Barbara, CA: November '02 
New York, NY: September '02
Silver Spring, MD: May '02 
New York, NY: February '99
New York, NY: June '98
Maui, HI: January '98
Denver, CO: November '97
Watertown, MA: August '97
Los Angeles, CA: July '97
Cambridge, MA: May 1994 — This was the first professional seminar on this topic

The Treatment of Gynecological Conditions with Essential Oils and Herbs
Columbia, MD: September '18
New York: September '18

San Diego, CA: July '18
Bellevue, WA: November '16
Santa Monica, CA: October '16
New York, NY: October '16
San Diego, CA: February '16
Portland, OR: November '15
Berkeley, CA: March '12

Cambridge, MA: April '11 
Makawao, Maui, HI: March '11

The Treatment of Mental-Emotional Disorders with Essential Oils 
Berkeley, CA: December '18
Portland, OR: June '18
New York, NY: April '18
San Diego, CA: March '18
San Diego, CA: October '15
Baltimore, MD: June '15
Portland, OR, February '15
San Diego, CA: August '13

Vancouver, BC: July '11
Portland, OR: April '11 
Santa Fe, NM: August '10
New York, NY: March '09 
Venice, CA: February '09
Maui, HI: February '08
Orlando, FL: March '07
Portland, OR: March '07
Berkeley, CA: June '06
Albuquerque, NM: May '06
Santa Monica, CA: October '05  
The Treatment of Addictions with Essential Oils and Acupuncture
Santa Monica, CA: February '13
Kirkland, WA: June '13

The Integrated Treatment of Immune Deficiencies & Allergies with Herbs & Essential Oils 
Cambridge, MA: December '09
Berkeley, CA: November '09
Santa Monica, CA: November '09
New York, NY: October '09
San Francisco, CA: June '99
The Comprehensive Treatment of Allergic and Metabolic Disorders with Herbs & Essential Oils
San Francisco, CA: June '07
Los Angeles, CA: September '07
Albuquerque, NM: March '06
Honolulu, HI: February '05 
San Francisco, CA: August '98
The Treatment of Respiratory Infections with Herbs & Essential Oils 
Berkeley, CA: November ’05
Detoxification As a Treatment Strategy: The Treatment of Specific Types of Toxicity Conditions with
Herbs, Essential Oils and Nutrition

Seattle, WA: March '11
New York, NY: May '09
Portland, OR: December '08
Vancouver, BC: November '08
Berkeley, CA: June '08
New York, NY: May '08
Watertown, MA: April '08
Orlando, FL: March '08
Santa Monica, CA: February '08 
The Energetics of Western Herbs: Using Western Herbs in Chinese Medicine 
Berkeley, CA: June '09
London, England: May '09
Berkeley, CA: April '05 
Hyannis, MA: November '99
New York: September '99 
Watertown, MA: May '99 
Watertown, MA: July '98
Vermont: April ’97 

Essential Oil Medicine: A Professional Program 
Kirkland, WA: March - June '12