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Past Seminars

Snow Lotus Seminars with Peter Holmes LAc, MH offered since 1994
Aroma Acupoint Seminars were taught jointly with Tiffany Pollard MS, LAc until July '15. After that, AAT Level 1
seminars were co-taught with one of the following teachers-in-training:

Christine Nichols LAc

Kathy Pentecost LAc
Maura Dawgert LAc
Toni Groelly MA

Valerie Olney LMT, BCST

Aroma Acupoint Therapy Level I
New York, NY: September '17
Columbia, MD: September '17
Petaluma, CA: August '17
New York, NY: April '17
San Diego, CA: March '17
Maui, HI: December '16
Baltimore, MD: November '16
Portland, OR: November '16
Encinitas, CA: August '16
New York: July '16
Petaluma, CA: July '16
Santa Monica, CA: May '16
Santa Fe, NM: May '16
Honolulu, HI: March '16
Petaluma, CA: February '16
Santa Monica, CA: November '15
New York, NY: September '15
Germantown, WI: August '15
Santa Barbara, CA: July '15
Portland, OR: May '15
San Diego, CA: December '14
San Diego, CA: October '14
New York, NY: June '14
New York, NY: November '13 
Santa Monica, CA: October '13 
Berkeley, CA: June '13 
Montclair, NJ: April '13 
Chicago, IL: April '13 
Santa Barbara, CA: March '13 
Portland, OR: February '13 
Chicago, IL: September '12 
Kirkland, WA: September '12 
Kirkland, WA: March '12 
Portland, OR, February '12 
Honolulu, HI, November '11 
Kirkland, WA: September '11

Aroma Acupoint Therapy Level II 
New York, NY: November '17
New York, NY: March '16
Santa Barbara, CA February '16
Portland, OR: April '15
San Diego, CA: January '15
New York, NY: November '14
Portland, OR: December '13 

Using Essential Oils in Chinese/Energetic Medicine 
Note: Because of lack of records, not all seminars on Using Essential Oils in Chinese Medicine between 1994 and 2005 are listed
New York: July '17
Columbia, MD: May '17
Portland, OR: April '17
San Diego, CA: April '15
Baltimore, MD: November '13
Berkeley, CA: December '12

Ithaca, NY: August '12
Chicago, IL: April '12
New York, NY: April '11
Portland, OR: December '10
Santa Fe, NM: April '10
Cambridge, MA: March '10
New York, NY: October '08
West Los Angeles, CA: September '08
Vancouver, B.C.: May '08
Sarasota, FL: March '08
Watertown, MA: December '07
Portland, OR: December '07
Berkeley, CA: November '07
New York, NY: October '07
Seattle, WA: September '07
Los Angeles, CA: July '07
Silver Spring, MD: May '07
Honolulu, HI: April '07
Berkeley, CA: December '06
New York, NY: November '06
Portland, OR: November '06
Orlando, FL: March '06
Cambridge, MA: October '05
Albuquerque, NM: September '05 
Santa Barbara, CA: March '04 
Santa Barbara, CA: November '02 
New York, NY: September '02
Silver Spring, MD: May '02 
New York, NY: February '99
New York, NY: June '98
Maui, HI: January '98
Denver, CO: November '97
Watertown, MA: August '97
Los Angeles, CA: July '97
Cambridge, MA: May 1994 — This was the first professional seminar on this topic

The Treatment of Gynecological Conditions with Essential Oils and Herbs
Bellevue, WA: November '16
Santa Monica, CA: October '16
New York, NY: October '16
San Diego, CA: February '16
Portland, OR: November '15
Berkeley, CA: March '12

Cambridge, MA: April '11 
Makawao, Maui, HI: March '11

The Treatment of Mental-Emotional Disorders with Essential Oils 
San Diego, CA: October '15
Baltimore, MD: June '15
Portland, OR, February '15
San Diego, CA: August '13

Vancouver, BC: July '11
Portland, OR: April '11 
Santa Fe, NM: August '10
New York, NY: March '09 
Venice, CA: February '09
Maui, HI: February '08
Orlando, FL: March '07
Portland, OR: March '07
Berkeley, CA: June '06
Albuquerque, NM: May '06
Santa Monica, CA: October '05  
The Treatment of Addictions with Essential Oils and Acupuncture
Santa Monica, CA: February '13
Kirkland, WA: June '13

The Integrated Treatment of Immune Deficiencies & Allergies with Herbs & Essential Oils 
Cambridge, MA: December '09
Berkeley, CA: November '09
Santa Monica, CA: November '09
New York, NY: October '09
San Francisco, CA: June '99
The Comprehensive Treatment of Allergic and Metabolic Disorders with Herbs & Essential Oils
San Francisco, CA: June '07
Los Angeles, CA: September '07
Albuquerque, NM: March '06
Honolulu, HI: February '05 
San Francisco, CA: August '98
The Treatment of Respiratory Infections with Herbs & Essential Oils 
Berkeley, CA: November ’05
Detoxification As a Treatment Strategy: The Treatment of Specific Types of Toxicity Conditions with
Herbs, Essential Oils and Nutrition

Seattle, WA: March '11
New York, NY: May '09
Portland, OR: December '08
Vancouver, BC: November '08
Berkeley, CA: June '08
New York, NY: May '08
Watertown, MA: April '08
Orlando, FL: March '08
Santa Monica, CA: February '08 
The Energetics of Western Herbs: Using Western Herbs in Chinese Medicine 
Berkeley, CA: June '09
London, England: May '09
Berkeley, CA: April '05 
Hyannis, MA: November '99
New York: September '99 
Watertown, MA: May '99 
Watertown, MA: July '98
Vermont: April ’97 

Essential Oil Medicine: A Professional Program 
Kirkland, WA: March - June '12