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About the Instructors

Peter Holmes LAc, MH 

Peter is an English-trained medical herbalist, essential oil therapist and Chinese medicine practitioner with over 35 years' experience of using botanical remedies and essential oils in clinical practice. His extensive training included studies with Oriental Medicine Doctor Ted Kaptchuk, medical herbalist and pharmacist Henri Verdier in Paris, France; medical herbalist Christopher Hedley in London, England; and Elisabeth Roche-Vallee in Paris, France.

Peter brings to his courses and seminars over 35 years of study, clinical practice and teaching experience. He has focused on both the physiological and psychological aspects of using essential oils. He has pioneered the use of essential oils both in herbal medicine and with acupuncture and bodywork in particular. He is co-founder with Tiffany Carole Pollard of Aroma Acupoint Therapy.

Peter is author of five acclaimed textbooks on herbal and essential oil medicine: Aromatica, Clinical Aromatherapy, The Energetics of Western Herbs, Jade Remedies and The TCM Materia Medica & Clinical Reference.


Toni D. Groelly MS, LAc

Tonic owns a private practice in New Jersey and has been practicing acupuncture and Chinese herbs for the past 16 years, and Aroma Acupoint Therapy since 2013. As part of her continuing desire to learn and grow, she studied Reiki and Spirituality and obtained a Master Degree level of Reiki. She also studied with Shamanic and Vortex Healer Michael Taylor, learning the Native American teachings of Spirit of Fire and Wind of Great Spirit. Toni completed the Master Healer program with Tiffany Pollard and continues to study many types of healing and energy work. She approaches health and healing from a truly holistic perspective, viewing and treating each person as unique from everyone else.


Christine Nichols LAc

Christine Nichols is a New York State Licensed Acupuncturist and a certified instructor of yoga and Pilates with more than 15 years of teaching and practice experience. She has studied Alchemical Healing for the past 6 years with Lorie Eve Dechar, author of Five Spirits: Alchemical Acupuncture for Psychological and Spiritual Healing, and Benjamin Fox. In 2013 she began studying Aroma Acupoint Therapy with Peter Holmes and Tiffany Pollard, and instantly felt a deep connection and resonance with the oils. In 2014 she joined their first Teacher Training in Ojai California. She is deeply grateful for all her teachers: whose love, patience and support has opened up a world of possibility for her. Christine is passionate about transmitting the wealth of understanding she has and supporting others as they grow and develop with the essential oils and energetic medicine. 


Valerie Olney LMT, BCST

Valerie has been in private practice in Olympia, WA since 1997, specializing in injury treatment, headaches, fibromyalgia and chronic pain, and autonomic dysregulation. She combines craniosacral therapy, myofascial release and Aroma Acupoint Therapy in her treatment sessions. Graduating from the Brian Utting School of Massage in 1997, she returned as a teacher of anatomy, physiology and gross anatomy. She studied craniosacral therapy with Bruno Ducoux, DO, and received her Biodynamic Craniosacral Certification from Michael Shea, PhD. Her interest in aromatherapy began over ten years ago and she attended one of the first Aroma Acupoint Therapy classes in 2012 and has been excitedly putting it into practice ever since.