Treatment of Respiratory Disorders with Essential Oils, Herbs & Acupuncture — LIVE WEBINAR — Nov. 8 & 15

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An Integrated Functional Approach to Treating Respiratory Disorders

A live interactive online seminar with extensive powerpoint presentation

with Peter Holmes LAc, MH


15 California CEUs available for category 1, CEP 142

14 NCCAOM PDAs available

Dates:  November 8 & 15 (two Sundays), 9:00 am - 5:30 pm West Coast PST time both days, or 12:00 - 8:30 pm EST

Location:  Your home office!

Tuition:  Early-bird $325

               •  Late registration after October 30: $365

               •  Buddy rate special:  Register for yourself and a friend, and receive a $295 rate each!
Note: To receive this discount at any time, one person must register for both participants and pay with one credit card. Registrations must be made by phone. Individual invoices can be issued, however.

               •  Please note:  The tuition fee includes a sample essential oil kit that we will be using during the seminar, as well as the course booklet! These will be mailed to you the day following your registration. Be aware that anyone registering after October 30 may or may not receive these in time for the first session, all depending on your location and postal service efficiency – register early!

To register:  Register by credit card with the button above, or email us:, or call us on 707-546-3706.

               •  Please note: Registration will close at 5 pm PST (West Coast time) on Friday, November 6.

Joining the seminar online:  The Join information on Zoom will be emailed to you on Friday, November 6, in the evening. This email will contain the link to join on Sunday 8th, as well as the Meeting ID and password. Seminar check-in will start at 8:20 am PST. You may want to check in early in case of any unforseen technical difficulties.

Cancellation policy:  Cancellations received up to October 30 receive a full refund less a $50 cancellation fee. No refunds can be given after Oct. 30, 2020.

This information-packed workshop will include ...

•    The clinically useful differentiation of respiratory conditions into intrinsic, allergic and infectious types of disorders.

•    Matching up viral, bacterial and fungal respiratory infections accurately with Lung patterns.

•    Pattern differentiation and treatment of major respiratory disorders, including upper respiratory infection, allergic rhinitis, influenza, RSV, viral pneumonia, bronchial asthma, and acute and chronic bronchitis.

•    Using essential oils (with specific delivery methods), herbs, formulas and acupuncture protocols for each disease and pattern discussed.

•    The psycho-emotional aspect of the Lung: the pathological effects on the Lung of unresolved grief, anger, anxiety and depression.

•    Using six-condition diagnosis to quickly establish any Lung pattern and to guide accurate treatment.   

•    The best oils, herbs and points for rapid relief of key symptoms, such as cough, dyspnea and chest oppression – with clinical differentiation.

Respiratory disorders are unique in that they reflect conditions in the environment as well as conditions in the body itself. As a result, no other organ system than the Lungs suffers from so many different types of pathology and symptoms. And, like other organs, the Lungs also become physically impacted by specific stuck emotions, especially unresolved anger, grief and mood states such as anxiety and depression.

This unique online seminar will divide respiratory disorders into intrinsic, allergic and infectious types. We will discuss each disorder in terms of its pathogenesis and physiological dynamics, as well as its typical pattern presentations in Chinese medicine. The discussion will include the mental-emotional factors involved and their impact on the Lung Qi.

With their volatile, aromatic qualities, essential oils are especially suited to treating respiratory disorders and can be used in topical applications and with various inhalation techniques. Oils are an excellent complement to acupuncture and herbal medicine, and can make the difference between OK and excellent results. Treatment options for each condition will include the best Western herbs, Chinese herbs and formulas, essential oils, nutrition and supplementation. Throughout the course, we will also spotlight key respiratory oils in clinical detail, including Laurel, Hyssop, Cypress, Green myrtle, Scotch pine, Spike lavender and Siberian fir.

What makes essential oils invaluable for treating respiratory conditions?

•    Their ability to treat infections directly (antiviral, antibacterial, etc. actions) and boost immune Wei functions as well.
•    They can be used with several different delivery methods, topical and internal (including on points), making treatment highly effective.
•    They can quickly go to the root of emotional and stress-related disorders that cause respiratory symptoms, including asthma, chest oppression, acute fatigue, etc.
•    Their ability, when used by inhalation, to treat Shen-related Lung patterns and resolve stuck grief, anger, anxiety and depression.                     

“Peter's classes are by far the most interesting and valuable continuing education I have taken to date. The information is fascinating and practical, and I have been able to immediately apply the knowledge I have gained, much to the delight of myself and my patients.”
– Gina Haber LAc, DNBAO

"Dr. Holmes offers a wealth of information and clinical expertise through an integrative blend of classical Chinese Medicine and functional medicine. We are lucky to have him raise the bar of our medicine, and our patients in turn are lucky to benefit.”
 – Elizabeth Fine, LAc, Los Angeles, CA