Treatment of Hormonal Patterns in Gynecology with Essential Oils & Herbs – ONLINE ONLY – Sept. 18 & 25

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An Integrated Functional Approach to Treating Hormonal-Endocrine Patterns in Gynecology

A two-day online seminar (theory only)
with Peter Holmes LAc, MH

14 NCCAOM PDAs available

15 California Acupuncture Board CEUs available for category 1, CEP 142

Note: This full seminar, module 1, consists of two days online (theory) and one day in classroom (AAT and other practicums).  See the other two pages for the three-day options.

 Dates and Location

•  September 18 & 25 online (two Sundays), 9:00 am - 5:30 pm PST (West Coast time), or 12:00 - 8:30 pm EST (East Coast time)


•  Two online days only:  Early-bird $350, late registration after September 12:  $395. Use the add-to-cart button above.

•  All three days: go to one of the other pages to choose your third day in either West Los Angeles or New York:  Early-bird $525, late registration after September 12:  $575.  Please note that this tuition fee includes the cost of materials used, including essential oils, vegetable oils, sponges and pessaries!

 To register by credit card:  Register with the button above, or email us:, or call us on 707-546-3706 or 800-682-8827.

               •  Please note: Registration will close at 3 pm PST (West Coast time) on the Friday before the seminar.

 Please note:  The tuition fee includes a 34-page course booklet, which will be mailed to you starting about three weeks before the first day.  Please be aware that if you register after Sept. 9, you may not receive it in time for the first online session, all depending on your location and postal service efficiency – register early!

Cancellation policy:  Cancellations received up to Sept. 9 receive a full refund less a $50 cancellation fee.  No refunds can be given after Sept. 9, 2022

Joining the seminar online with Zoom:  The Join information on Zoom will be emailed to you on Friday, Sept. 16, in the afternoon. This email will contain the link to join the Meeting on Sunday 18th. The same a week later for the second session.

Seminar check-in will start on Sunday 18th at 8:30 am PST. If necessary, please change your Zoom ID to match your registration name. You may want to check in early in case of any unforseen technical difficulties. Please bring your CA or NCCAOM license number for the morning rollcall if requiring ceus.

Questions? Contact us at 800-682-8827 or

A One-of-a-Kind Seminar You Won’t Want to Miss

      • Why treating hormonal-endocrine imbalance in women is the fundamental treatment strategy for all women, regardless of the symptoms or disorder presenting

      • How to recognize and treat systemic patterns of functional hormone and endocrine imbalance as they relate to Jing Qi and Zangfu patterns in Chinese medicine

      • How to use the diagnostic Six Conditions to accurately evaluate and treat conditions such as pelvic congestion, ovarian estrogen and progesterone deficiency/excess, hypothyroid and hypoadrenia syndromes, electrolyte imbalance, etc.     

       • How to select and deliver important essential oils, herbs and nutrients for each pattern discussed ­– with hands-on treatment practicums on the third day where we apply the oils in particular acupuncture point protocols

        •  Concise profiles of the important essential oils and herbs used in treatment, including Geranium, Rose, Fennel, Clary sage, Chasteberry, Black cohosh, Sage, Saw palmetto, and many others.

Most gynecological conditions today are not simple complaints, such as menstrual pain, or disorders such as PCOS and infertility; from the functional perspective they all arise from systemic patterns of endocrine/hormonal imbalance, e.g. estrogen or progesterone deficiency or excess, hypothyroid syndrome and hypoadrenia.  In Chinese Medicine we can now recognize these as patterns of Jing disharmony. They are long-term, deeply-rooted patterns that involve physical, mental and emotional symptoms. They are the root of many Zangfu patterns in women.

Certain essential oil and herbal remedies (Western and Chinese) are known to modulate specific hormones and can treat these fundamental patterns of endocrine dysfunction very effectively.  In addition, many other oils, herbs and formulas can be used to focus on relieving the more superficial conditions and symptoms that result.

Essential oils are particularly versatile in treatment because by inhalation they can also treat the significant Shen or mental-emotional aspect of hormone ­imbalance.  In women, addressing the mental-emotional (Shen) issues that cause chronic conditions of Blood and Qi stagnation is often key to successful treatment.

Knowing the endocrine or Jing dynamics of a condition can greatly enhance our treatment strategies and produce excellent rather than just OK results – clearly a huge advantage in clinical practice.  It also provides us with a much larger and more focused range of treatment options, including powerful essential oils such as Geranium, Clary sage and Black spruce, and specific herbal remedies such as Black cohosh, Vitex, Rhodiola, Ashwaghanda, in addition to acupuncture treatment. And finally, educating our patients about their condition from this integrative functional perspective will greatly increase their confidence in a positive treatment outcome.

On the third, in-presence day, this seminar will incorporate several practicums where we will practice specific Aroma Acupoint (oil-to-point) sequences for treating many of these conditions hands-on.

 This seminar is Module 1 of a larger two-part course:

Module 1: Treating the Root: Patterns of Hormonal-Endocrine Imbalance in Gynecology (3 days)
Module 2: Treating Specific Gynecological Disorders (3 days) – will be held in early 2023. A certificate of completion can be issued after the completion of both full Modules (all 6 days).

"The Gynecological seminar was well researched and thoughtful. I appreciated the manual and the hands-on exprience of using essential oils on points for these conditions."
    – Nicole McLaughlin LAc

"This seminar is an amazing synthesis! The addition of Western and Chinese herbs for modulating hormones is  invaluable. The copious written material is organized in such a way that it’s easy for me to quickly reference in my clinic. Thank you!"
    – Tina Dreisbach ND, LAc

"Peter’s vast knowledge base and synthesis of different approaches to treatment is invaluable. In this endocrine seminar I especially appreciated the focus on the Shen component of women’s conditions, and their treatment with the essential oils."
    – Lauri McKean LAc

"I’m very impressed with Peter’s incredible knowledge, experience and depth of understanding – thank you for all the research and insights, and the easy-to-follow organization of the gynecology seminar notebook."
    – Amielle Moyer LAc

"I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing class this past weekend. It was phenomenal. I learned a lot on so many levels. I am grateful and humbled and thankful to you for giving the information with such passion, intelligence and patience."

    – Elizabeth Fine LAc