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Ultrasonic Mister-Nebulizer

Price: $85.00
Medium size for up to 800 sq. ft.
8 x 6 x 4 inches

This elegant mister-nebulizer uses ultrasound (high frequency vibrations) to diffuse a continuous stream of fragrant mist. It has an output control and a timing module with five programs.

This nebulizer is extremely user friendly. Fill up the main well with water, sprinkle with a few drops of essential oil or blend, replace the lid, press the On button and this nebulizer will generate hours of fragrant mist.

Unique to this unit is that it
operates noiselessly. It is ideal for environments where absolutely no motor hum is acceptable and where a mild humidifying action is welcome. The fragrance it puts out is milder than that put out by air-pump nebulizers, such as the Premier nebulizer, but is no less wonderful for that.