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About Essential Oils
About Snow Lotus Aromatherapy
Snow Lotus Aromatherapy offers a collection of over 200 pure & organic essential oils and essential oil blends all available for online purchase. Select your desired category from the Aromatica menu on the left of the screen.

Essential Oils Sourced Directly From Artisan Growers and Distillers

The Snow Lotus collection of artisan organic essential oils represents my professional standard of excellence for oils intended for clinical and home-care aromatherapy. To ensure ongoing quality control, I still personally source and select the oils directly from the producers who grow or wild-harvest, and then distill the plants, rather than obtaining them from the open market. As a result, the oils remain exactly the same as when they were first distilled in their place of origin: genuine, authentic and completely unadulterated. These are the very definitions of an artisan essential oil.

In addition, I will specifically select only full-spectrum essential oils whenever possible. The plants are steam distilled in the traditional manner for an extended length of time, using low-temperature steam and low vapor pressure. Only these time-tested techniques manage to produce the most exquisite artisan oils possible.

These oils retain almost the entire range of the plant's chemical components and will thereby closely maintain the whole rich spectrum of fragrance found in the living plant itself. These small, full-spectrum artisan distillations are in sharp contrast to the large-scale commercial operations that produce oils extracted with the help of chemical solvents and which are then chemically standardized or highlighted, being intended simply as fragrance materials for the perfume and food-flavoring industry. This is to say nothing of the inherent vitality and therapeutic potential that becomes lost in the process. The Snow Lotus artisan oils then manage to retain the full therapeutic potential within each oil, just a nature intended. This transparent bioavailability of the oils will then communicate itself effortlessly to our cells and our energy bodies, resulting in the treatment results desired by the individual.

Certified Organic Essential Oils

Whenever possible I will select only certified organic oils distilled from plants that are either organically-grown or ethically wild-harvested with concern for regional biodiversity and sustainability. These are arguably even more potent therapeutically than any obtained from cultivated plant sources. Most of the Snow Lotus oils are, in addition, certified organic by the USDA National Organic Program.

In the case of absolute extracts, such as Rose, Jasmine, Tuberose and Champaca absolute, I select only those of impeccable quality. Our absolutes are entirely safe for the same types of applications as the essential oils themselves. Those absolutes available at a 10% dilution are in a base of pure jojoba oil, a thin, penetrating oil that itself nourishes and revitalizes the skin.

Definitions for Plant Sources & Cultivation or Harvesting Methods

Wild harvested: Ethically wild-harvested according to ecological sustainability

Organic: Usually third-party certified by certifying bodies such as Ecocert, Ceres, BKS Oko-Garantie, IMO, Qualite-France, Bio Inspecta, Bulgarcert, Biokontroll Huangaria, Australian Certified Organic, etc. The majority of these are in addition certified as organic by the U.S. National Organic Program (NOP).

Selective: The highest quality conventional, usually no pesticides but minimal use of chemical fertilizers

So that we can provide you with the highest quality oils available in market conditions that constantly fluctuate in quality and cost, we reserve the right to change an oil's country of origin without notice.


The Origin of Snow Lotus Essential Oils

As I began working with the oils in the 1980s as a medical herbalist and acupuncturist, I became aware of the need to have absolutely pure and highest-quality oils for my clinical practice and my seminars. This initiated what has become a more than twenty-year journey around the world in search of traditional grassroots, artisan producers.

My search was for distillers that worked in the time-honored artisan way, living with the very source of the plant materials. In my estimation, there is no better way to collect the distilled fragrant essences of our earth, Gaia, in all its amazing aromatic diversity. This endeavor also supports small indigenous family businesses across the globe in a web of relationships that are eco-sustainable and essentially based on fair trade.

Snow Lotus is now a part of the widening global movement for a wholesome economy based on a conscious planetary support of cultural and biological diversity.

Enjoy the Fragrant Essences of the Earth

Using essential oils in my personal life over many years has subtly and yet profoundly changed my outlook to life, and for this I am deeply grateful. In tandem with this, it has made me realize the amazing potential for a radically new emergence of consciousness on this beautiful planet we all share — an awareness that is actually not separate from the gifts of the earth itself! From the widest perspective, I believe that the essential oils are one of nature's unique gift to us at this time of planetary crisis in consciousness, culture and medicine. We can engage these aromatic tools for transformation on all levels, while at the same time enjoying their fragrant pleasures.

In terms of my clinical practice, essential oils have profoundly enhanced and enlarged both the context from which I treat, from which I hold the patient-practitioner relationship; and the actual treatment choices available to me. Essential oils selflessly offer the gift of an incredible diversity of applications and treatment options for resolving health issues in the body, the mind and the soul. Amazingly, these treatment options are not only traditional or handed down: they are in the process of being continuously explored, experimented with and rediscovered by us, the individuals who choose to use them for healing! I believe that essential oils hold an important key to achieving a true cure for illness at the deepest levels, just as they hold the open-ended promise of individual change and evolution towards integration and wholeness.

It is my pleasure and honor to be able to share these fragrant jewels of the earth with you. Please enjoy them, get to know them as personal allies, listen to and learn from them. Ultimately, benefit from their remarkable healing effects on body, mind and soul as they suggest evolutionary solutions.

Helpful Practical Hints, Cautions and Disclaimers

• Store essential oils and absolutes away from heat and light, with the cap firmly closed. This way they will keep for many years. Room temperature is fine, and refrigeration is generally not necessary except for the citrus-family oils if not used up within a year, such as Lemon, Lime, Mandarin, Bergamot, Petitgrain and Pink grapefruit.

• Because they are highly concentrated, when used topically essential oils should always be first diluted in a vegetable carrier oil, cream or lotion. 5-10 drops of essential oil to 10 ml of carrier oil is the standard dilution range (a 2-4% dilution) for application in massage. The best carrier oils are thin oils such as sweet almond, apricot kernel, coconut, grapeseed, hazelnut and rice bran, as they allow the greatest absorption through the skin. Up to 20% jojoba oil can be added to a vegetable oil to increase absorption and shelf life.

• Essential oils are intended for environmental and topical use only. Never take single or blended essential oils internally and avoid contact with the eyes and mucous membranes.

• Check with your health-care practitioner about using single or blended essential oils topically during pregnancy, postpartum and with specific medical conditions (e.g. epilepsy) present. In general, all uterine stimulant oils, such as Angelica root and Juniper berry, should be avoided during the term.

• Always keep essential oil bottles out of reach of infants and children.